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I just wanted to take a minute and tell you about the beautiful woman that appears with my ugly mug in that picture up there.

Her name is Stacie, and she’s my wife.  I say that with an immense feeling of pride and admiration.  Let’s be honest, readers: this dude married up.  WAY UP!  She’s just an incredible human being, inside and out.  I could not ask for a better mother for our girls, or a better partner to spend my life with.

As some of you know, Stacie is an RN (nurse for those who don’t know or are too lazy to Google it).  She works in the “float pool” at her hospital, which means that on any given day she could be working on a different floor, taking care of patients ranging from “very sick” to “getting ready to leave.”  And she’s good at it.  Really, really good at it, in fact.  She’d never say it.  She’s too humble.  But at every hospital she’s worked at, her co-workers and bosses have always made it a point of telling me how much they love working with her, how hard of a worker she is, how dedicated she is to patient care.

Let me give you an example:

Last week she took care of an extremely tall young man in his early 20’s who was suffering from liver failure, a genetic/congenital issue.  Yesterday while she was at work, she heard he had been re-admitted, and the prognosis was not good: terminal liver cancer.  Even though she wasn’t assigned to him, she went down and spent time with his mother, hugged her, and cried with her.  When she was telling me about this last night, tears were welling up in her eyes.

Let’s just say that it’s moments like those, and so many other little ones day in and day out, that remind me how blessed I am that she chose me.

I love my wife.

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  1. palmtreepalmtree said: You’re a very lucky man, and it’s wonderful to see that you know it. The two of you are definitely folks I’d love to know better. :)
  2. clairesalcedo said: This isn’t sappy, this is incredibly sweet.
  3. red-bird-writes said: Awww :) she’s lucky to have such a sweet husband!
  4. ladyofleisuredc said: Beautiful honor to your amazing wife.
  5. wheremygreengrassgrows said: sweet :)
  6. womaninterrupted said: So sweet. I appreciate your appreciation. Stacie did not marry down. She’s a very smart lady.
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