My 40th Birthday Present

Today, I finally had the opportunity to open my birthday gifts.  I was given some pretty cool stuff this year:  LOST Season 6 on Blu-ray from my buddy Ian, Captain America on Blu-ray from my friend Amanda, and some really cool vintage film reels from Stacie.

But the images you see above were what delayed me opening everything until today.  For the past few months, Stacie has been working on this book in secret.  Inside, are emails, letters, and hand-drawn pictures written to me from my family and friends, all glued and mod-podged to the pages.

The fact that so many people took the time out of their busy lives to write these and send them to her, that she spent so much time as a labor of love working on this for me, that there were so many personal and touching memories and sentiments filling each and every page…well…lets just say that my face may have sprung more than a few leaks while reading them.

I don’t know that I’ve ever received something so beautiful and meaningful.  It is something that I will cherish forever.  I think what meant the most to me was that this wasn’t just a gift from my beautiful, creative, and selfless wife, but from a list of people too long to name.

Yup, I’m blessed.

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  1. eebees said: BEST WIFEY AWARD
  2. ladyofthehouse said: Aaaand now I’m crying. This is just wonderful. You both are so lucky to have each other. Gah. This is so touching. Cannot process. Just going to be over here, sniffling softly.
  3. shovelbum said: oh my goodness, that is amazing! Way to go, Stacie! Love the cover especially.
  4. glitterbubbles said: this is so wonderful!!! I love this and your family and you!!! xoxoxoxoxo
  5. womaninterrupted said: Wonderful.
  6. palmtreepalmtree said: What a beautiful, moving and meaningful gift. I’m not at all surprised that your life is full of thoughtful and loving friends and family. They are as much a reflection of you as you are of them. :)
  7. sallydoodle said: such a great idea!
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